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Critical Analysis 

If art were an invisible ethereal substance, Molby would be living proof of that. In each of his works the secret of change is hidden and at the same time in each of them are fixed, in the impact and in the material, very ancient archetypes that the subconscious of the user of the work can recognize and, dare I say, finally rediscover, recover. The experience of the forms that the artist generates is often disturbing and reassuring at the same time; in fact, in his works we find the founding themes of the laws of Nature as well as of human creation, material variations that push us to experiment with complex balances as well as explosive changes that are so reminiscent of the generative power of Creation. The eclecticism in the processing of materials, both in the sculpture and in the land art installations, clearly show that the leitmotif of Molby's works always moves from a Dream, meeting the artist's very ductile ability to transform the ethereal substance into material representation of the dream itself. There is a secret agreement between Molby and the materials he shapes in his works, an agreement that speaks the language of that mysterious transpersonal force of those who draw from invisible and very ancient archives of the planetary consciousness. If the theme of the Dream, understood as an archetypal, symbolic and original representation of reality, is present in Molby's works, it is important to allow another equally lively aspect to emerge in his Art: the Mink. Each element that the artist shapes always leaves a door wide open on the imaginative journey in the user's experience. In this sense it is clear that each traced element wants to transmit an original non-verbal impulse that is able to bring anyone back into contact with ancestral harmonies. Molby's works are paths to be experienced, through which the artist sows openings, future flowerings encapsulated in the golden membrane of natural harmony that will always keep the Secret in the unconscious of those who interact with them.

Dr psychotherapist Emanuela Fasano

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