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25 Aprile al parco degli Acquedotti a Roma con i gioielli Scultorei

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Soul incorruptible:
The pyramid represents the body, which by opening conceals a "soul" thread which with a knot becomes incorruptible, the worn ring cannot open protecting the contents.


When the door opens, it shows a gold leaf, in which is hidden the secret that manifests itself in every spring.

The light entering from an opal placed on the side of the ring is filtered in the central part, and exits changed on the other side through a garnet.


Event horizon:
Physical place that delimits the border of hole black, to his opening the ring shows a new galaxy (opal).


Golden Woman
Three-dimensional structure, created by adding several golden rectangles. The woman on the surface dances recreating herself through golden spirals, moving in harmony on harmony. 

...the initial impulse manages to create a gap, where the emotion manages to give itself.


The jewels of F. Lucatelli alias Molby are born from an inner story, are generated from ancient nursery rhymes handed down and each of them contains a meaning, an element of nature or a message that reminds us where we come from and where we are headed.

His inspiration is reproduced in a crowd of concept-forms, characters or symbols, each with a life of its own. 

Starting from the intrinsic beauty of a natural stone, the artist enhances its shape through a  branching of metal and  makes it an "object to wear", a formal research never trivial that becomes food for thought.

Where instead curiosity plays with ideas, the artist creates jewel-objects that enclose an evocative message. I would like to call these creations  “pet jewelry”. They are the result of that incessant inner narration mentioned at the beginning, where archetypes and introspective concepts strongly connected to the history of man echo, inseparable from nature as well as from feelings.  Small sculptures that sometimes hide unthinkable microcosms.


Francesco does not like to reveal himself and immediately reveal his story, precisely because it has very deep roots.  The work of the craftsman of more or less noble metals emerges first, treated with the hand of the goldsmith, the blacksmith and tailor at the same time, with simple tools, perhaps archaic, with which, his sometimes rough dexterity of a sculptor, inserts minute details, hints at subtle and subdued intuitions; a call only for those who are curious, who have ears to hear their little tale.

They are often closed forms, caskets with small hinges and hooks that open with a click, showing surprises full of meanings that cause tender amazement.

Otherwise they are different forms where the metal bends, ripples, breaks or stretches into symbolic surfaces that evoke nature and feelings, where something happens on some crack, fissure or caesura, small figures cling to each other or a small boat of desperate people sails .  Or niches like bellies that always hide a message, or openable elements that show a path of hope. 

Objects with a soul through which the author offers his whole rich inner world with a silent gesture, where emotions and challenges, certainties and fears, popular wisdom and ancient memory crowd together.

A Lilliputian world of creatures that move in the magma of life where they show the effort of living, the pleasure of discovery, the gift of surprise and child's play.


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