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ORIGINAL SECRET Ovindoli (AQ) Abruzzo 2021

Location: ring of the Val d'Arano. ​

A Talking staircase created with beech trunks on which engraved words invite us to seek the gift that is within all of us.

At the end of the path, between two rocks, a suspended structure made of beech and oak branches push up a Golden Sphere. The sphere represents the Gift that we keep inside, and that we need to bring upwards, towards to the Light. The stairway recites the words: Research\Inside\How it is\Outside\The gift\Upward\It manifests itself.

The installation also consists of a mailbox made of natural materials and placed at the beginning of the path, built to stimulate the viewer to share their secrets or their emotions with the "Tuttunico" in which they are immersed.

Speaking Staircase

Via Lorenzo la Porta, 17- Carpineto Roman RM
VAT number 16102801004

Mobile:+39 3201817973


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