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The natural elements have always been an integral part of my artistic growth, the forest as a place "inside" where I can get closer to my most intimate part.

From adolescent experimentation, to the deep knowledge acquired over the years with wood carving and clay modeling, the experiences in South Saharan Africa where I acquired primordial techniques of ground firing and processing of materials directly found in nature such as Milulu. The step leading to the creation of artistic interventions in nature is soon done.

Making Art in Nature using the landscape not only as a subject but the Landscape as a canvas on which to create the work, the place as an integral material of the work.

Land-Art's works are not born with the will to resist time, but have their own natural transitory will. The l their fate leads them to be reabsorbed by the same landscape that has generated them.

Sometimes satisfaction is found in the very act of creation, creating the work before the sun reaches a certain degree, the perfect moment in which the light favors photographic shots and films, unique documents, the only traces sometimes remaining of some interventions. Unique and unrepeatable event.

Since 2016 I have consciously created works of Land-Art in nature, but actually since 1997 I have been leaving experimental traces of works in the woods.

The latest more structured works evoke archaic forms, the study of sacred geometries and universal aesthetic canons, also connected to constellations such as the

Polar Sphere .

Others, on the other hand, are poetry, such as

The Carillon Tree , where recalled by the musical organ shape of the tree I tried to give it a voice, installing a music box inside it so as to create an interaction between man and the natural element.

Or Gate with a Metaphysical-Surreal character with an invitation to go beyond the visible.


Creating works of Land-Art reconnects to the Origin, using only elements available on the site connects directly to the material and to the place, when you become an intermediary between two natural elements, the solder is us,

becoming like Earth on Earth.

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